Pregnancy and Yoga

In Yoga for Pregnancy classes we will discuss and practise a range of techniques, some of these are:

Yoga Postures

These can help to increase strength, reduce muscle tension and improve posture awareness. You may find, too, that they also help to reduce some of the common complaints that occur in pregnancy.

Yoga and Pregnancy

Breathing Techniques

These can help to control the discomforts of pregnancy and of labour, as well as their wider applications in life.


This is vital in pregnancy, for both you and your baby.


This helps you to keep calm and focused.

In addition to the practice of yoga we will cover various aspects of pregnancy. These could include birthing positions, breathing techniques for labour, or other areas which arise from class discussion.

Yoga for Pregnancy is a lovely space in which to take time for yourself, to connect with your baby, and to share your experiences with other women.

Pregnancy Yoga Class

Tuesdays 5.15 pm - 6.45 pm, 10 a session or 8 if you pay for a block of four (32).

Quaker House, 74, Mutley Plain, PL4 6LF

Gay Kent has been teaching yoga for 24 years and teaching pregnancy yoga classes for the past five years. The classes are suitable for pregnant women from 15 weeks and include postures, breathing and relaxation that may be helpful for pregnancy and for labour.

Contact Gay direct at:
Telephone: 01752 666670
Mobile: 0789 1541755

Carly Strannix-Kerr BA(Hons) MICHT
Complementary Health Therapist offering many therapies including Pregnancy Massage

This treatment involves a combination of therapeutic massage techniques to help alleviate muscle tension, reduce stress and induce relaxation. It is designed to support a women emotionally and physiologially during this transformative time. Massage can help symptoms such as nausea, postural problems, breathing difficulties & slow digestion. It can also help prevent stretch marks & varicose veins occurring. This hour treatment is a beneficial treat for both mother and baby.

Please consult your GP or Midwife to ensure this treatment is safe for you.

Tel: 07828 128144/ 01752 559320